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SafetyFirst lives by its name. We want to train you to live safely while exercising your rights to carry and protect.  Our instructors are certified by N.R.A., F.L.E.T.C., DCJS, Maryland State police and D.C. Metropolitan Police Department to conduct the necessary instruction and range experience for your certification or other firearms needs. 


SafetyFirst will also aid you in defensive selection of firearms and other security options that comply with state laws (registration, safe handling and storage).


We want to arm you with knowledge and know-how to make this the safest option for you and your family! SafetyFirst is ready when you are - invest in your knowledge TODAY.  Our trainer will contact you once payment has processed - to schedule your training session.

 *Please note: your deposit is non-refundable - you may however request a rescheduled appointment.

We love working with officers and civilians alike - what training are you seeking today:


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