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SafetyFirst understands that Home Survellince is one of the top ways of safe guarding your home and your family.  It is also a top aid in investigations that lead to the return of stolen items and arrests of assailants.  Anyone can be a victim and everyone can be their own hero as well!  Proper installation and set up requires a little knowledge that will take the average home owner a long way! 


SafetyFirst consultations are available today!   We encourage you to register to secure your training with a date and deposit.  *Please note: your deposit is non-refundable - you may however request a rescheduled appointment.

SafetyFirst Consultation

A condensed survey and discussion of the layout of your home and its security breach potential. 


20 Minutes $0



Security Assessment

Full safety assessment of your home or business, security breach potential and recommendations report. Upgrade your assessment to receive 20% setup discount.

60 Minutes |  $125 


Security Assessment, Installation and Training

SafetyFirst Assessment, Installation and Training of your purchased security equipment. Prices may vary depending on size of installation requirement.

90 Minutes  |  $225

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