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Safety and security have been paramount in the life of SafetyFirst’s owner Kenneth W. Thornton for almost two decades.  His extensive background in Law Enforcement and Military have provided him with years of knowledge he now shares with citizens, law enforcement hopefuls and veterans alike.  As a member of several organizations and currently serving as Federal Law Enforcement - he comes with a wealth of information as an Instructor and business owner.


Knowing what’s needed and what works, along with his professional and unique training techniques makes him the go to person for all things safety and security.  

Kenneth's commitment to the effective training of individuals and businesses has made him a sought after Instructor in the Washington Metropolitan Area!  His training style is tailored to the needs of his clients encompassing a firm foundation of knowledge, firearms skills and the laws that support our rights to bear arms.  



His professional associations with Federal, Military and Law Enforcement are from the most prestigious entities in the world.  National Rifle Association, U.S. Air Force (Presidential Protection Detail), and Federal Law Enforcement have provided him with the accreditation and instruction needed to train anyone in need. 


His Certifications are as follows: 

Active Law Enforcement Officer

Active Shooter Instructor (Law Enforcement or Civilian)

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Maryland State Police Instructor Certified

D.C. Metropolitan Police Training Certified

Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol Instructor

Defensive Tactics Instructor

CPR First Aid/AED Instructor

Pepper Spray (OC) Instructor

Safety Baton Instructor

M&P Certified Armorer

H&K MP5 Certified Armorer



Kenneth decided one year to take his education and training to help others with SafetyFirst Security & Training!  He has built an amazing team of experienced and qualified Instructors ready to service you!

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